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Above Zero LAN 2023!

Join us on June 9, 2023

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Below Zero is back at it again with Above Zero Summer LANFest Event! See details below about event!

Dates: June 9th – June 11th

Location: Great Wolf Lodge Minnesota, 1700 American Blvd E, Bloomington, MN 55425

Join our Discord Server: (It’s by far the best way to stay up-to-date with the event and the best place to ask questions.)

Hotel Room Block: Limited rooms available so booking in advanced is recommended. The cut off date for the promo code is Monday, May 22nd, 2023.

There are other hotels near the resort your welcome to check out as well!

Charity Proceeds from this event go to Make A Wish Foundation!

Tournaments TBA .. soon!


What is a LAN Party? A LAN party is a weekend long PC (and console) gaming event. We start by setting up rows of tables and chairs and then run tons of power and networking connections. Attendees bring their own computers (BYOC) and attach them to our networks so they can play games with all other attendees all weekend long (3 days straight!). We get sponsors to donate tons of prizes and swag, then we hold tournaments and raffles to give it all to you! In short, it’s a LOT of fun!

Is there an AGE limit? No. This is a family friendly event all ages are welcome. If you are under the age of 14 you must have a guardian present with you.

What games are played at the LAN? Everything! If there’s no tournaments going on that you want to participate in, you’re free to play whatever you want. While single player games are technically allowed, the point of a LAN party is to play games with everyone around you! We highly encourage everyone to check out the discord channel to find other people that want to play the same game as you during the event.

Will games have tournaments? Yes. The current tournament list is shown above on the event page. The list is subject to change via time and game depending on the amount of interest we get for each game.

See something we missed? Let us know! If you have a game you are wanting to put in the tournament you can do so if you like as long as you can “host” the tournament yourself and have at least 8 people or teams of whatever the game requires. We can find you a great prize as well for the game you want to host as a winning prize. Speak to staff about it if interested.

What should I bring to a LAN party? Computer (desktop or laptop) or console Monitor Keyboard Mouse & Mouse PAD Headset (No speakers please) Ethernet Cable – At least 25FT LONG Power Strip (One with a breaker is always recommended), Your video games PRE-INSTALLED We try to cache as many steam games as possible, but there may be a LOT of people using the internet, so downloading speeds may be slow. Always try to pre-install as much as you can prior to coming. Is my stuff going to be safe if I leave it unattended? We have staff at lanfest always monitoring entryway and will be at the event at all hours of the event. We also have amazing security with Great Wolf Lodge 24/7 as well. Very secured area.

Can I bring my own chair? YES!! You’re allowed to bring your own desk chair, and if not no worries we have you covered with chairs that the venue provides free of charge of course.

Is there food on site? Yes. There are a few vending machines throughout the resort along with a couple of resturaunts in the resort as well. Not to mention many other places to get take out off the resort. We also provide FREE pizza on saturday night for all of the attendees!

Can we bring alcohol? No but there is a bar located upstairs from the event near the entryway that you may use to your liking. We just ask to not bring in your own alcohol at the event. Please drink responsibly. Thank you

Can we sleep at the venue? As of right now no but a couple years down the road we are hoping to have access to be able to have our attendees sleep at the venue. We do have access to the venue till 3:00 am though each night and back up and running the next day at 8:00 AM we encourage you to find hotels near by or even stay at the great wolf lodge if you do not live in the area.

Is the parking close to transport my “BYOC” gear? Yes! It is quite close but can be packed full of guests using the resort. Great Wolf Lodge provides push carts free to use at the resort to help you move your gear to and from the parking lot.